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Can you tell us exactly how you decide if a development is likely to affect your links?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Yes. We publish a document that explains (in mind-numbing detail) exactly how we assess requests for coordination.  This document, "JRC Procedure for Coordination with Wind Developments" is attached to this FAQ to download. It's also available on our web site.

Essentially, it describes two stages:
1. We assess if there's likely to be a problem or not: "the initial sift", which this ticketing system is designed to facilitate. This is based on generic clearance zones, i.e. 1km for UHF and 500m for Microwave, if the turbines are Industrial-size ones.  If a potential development impinges on a clearance zone, it is objected to. An objection is not the end of the world, but we will sustain it if mitigation cannot be agreed, which is only fair.

2. Once objected to, it's up to the developer to decide if the objection is manageable or not, i.e. to balance that objection against other constraints and objections.  If the developer decides that it's worth continuing with the project, then he/she can take up our "Detailed Coordination" option explained in the initial objection notice.

3. Detailed Coordination is a more time-consuming and scientific process of determining the effect of the proposed development on our infrastructure.  This process may result in the application being cleared, perhaps with conditions on the position and size of the proposed turbine(s), or other methods, such as changes to our infrastructure.  It should be noted that the cost of Detailed Coordination is borne by the developer.

We must reiterate that we are not in the business of denying developments because we can't be bothered to coordinate properly, or because we think they're ugly/noisy/useless/big/visible-from-the-kitchen: we are simply another constraint you have to take into account when going through the process of getting permission to build a wind farm. So long as you don't adversely affect our services, we have no axe to grind. We try to be open and helpful and only ask that you are too.

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